The start-up and Emerging Business at SLP provides a unique blend of business expertise and legal guidance to help start-ups and emerging businesses form, grow, finance and protect their businesses, comply with State and Federal Regulations, evaluate risks and pursue opportunities. We know the industries in which our clients do business and we answer their legal questions within the framework of their business plans.

SLP’s legal services particularly targeted to start-up and growth companies include:

  • Entity formation and registration
  • Regulatory compliance with both State and Federal Laws
  • Processing of relevant licenses
  • Commercial agreements
  • Licensing and distribution of intellectual property
  • Negotiation and documentation of private and public financings
  • Strategic partnering
  • Protection of trademarks, copyrights and domain names
  • Distribution and marketing, both domestic and international
  • Tax planning and execution
  • Corporate branding and restructuring

Corporate Law is the basis upon which all business both small and large must run. To people establishing a new business and even experienced business people, corporate law can be intimidating and complex. At SLP, we understand the law and its effect on businesses, we advise as to what the law requires from your business and the best ways to ensure your business is compliant with all the latest regulations. With the help of our team, you can be reassured that your business is protected.

We will simplify any issues and handle all legal matters, allowing you to focus on making your business a success. The corporate/commercial law practice handles all aspects of commercial law starting from company registration, corporate restructuring, corporate finance, joint ventures, project financing, shareholders agreement and all types of commercial contracts.

Soaring Law Practice Merger and Acquisition team assist corporate clients with the appropriate financing for Mergers and Acquisition and provide advice concerning the drafting, negotiation, and performance of contracts for the sale of portion of the business. We identify our clients’ business objectives, identify the legal issues, build a road map for the client from start to finish.

We also advice on negotiation tactics, conduct legal due diligence, determine with the help of our tax attorneys, the tax implications and if they require special structuring. To ensure that our clients comply with the necessary law and regulations, we do an in depth assessment of regulatory obstacles, gain regulatory approval and analyze any other required regulatory issues.

Our Corporate Finance and Investment Team advises Companies on all aspects of buying and selling of whole business or business assets. We advise corporate clients on their sources of funding and the capital structure of their businesses, the actions necessary to be taken by them to increase their value to shareholders, and the tools and analysis used to allocate financial resources.

SLP’s Corporate Finance and Investment team provide a comprehensive range of legal services for financial institutions, local and foreign investors, lenders and corporate borrowers, financial advisers etc. The team leverages on its profound knowledge of financial commercial and tax laws, complemented by a strong relationship with the financial institutions and industry players in delivering cutting edge service to clients.

At SLP, we understand the importance of tax compliance to the business growth and development of our clients. As such, our lawyers provide a broad range of tax services encompassing all areas of Federal, State, and Local tax law. We work closely with clients to provide practical solutions to complex issues, with a focus on achieving the client’s business and tax objectives.

We advise public and private companies on the tax aspect of a variety of transactions, including tax free and taxable mergers and acquisitions, re-organizations, re-capitalizations, venture capital financings, and public and private offerings. Because of our strong emerging business practice, our tax attorneys have significant experience advising early-stage companies on a variety of tax matters that affect such companies.

We provide a wide range of legal services and solutions that have the objective of protecting, safeguarding and ascertaining the intellectual property rights of both local and international clients which include:

  • - Preparing and registering trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models and copyrights;
  • - Advising on and preparing intellectual property rights related agreements such as licences and contracts relating to assignments, distribution, sponsorship, agency, branding, endorsement and payment of royalties;
  • - Advising on the protection of trade secrets and drafting and reviewing non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements;
  • - Advising clients on diverse issues relating to emerging legal, regulatory and compliance requirements under Information and Telecommunication (ICT) law, media law and sport law;
  • - Advising clients on issues relating to e-commerce, cyber-crime and other internet related aspects of intellectual property rights.

Our Energy group has extensive experience in nearly all areas of oil and gas law, with specific expertise in representing service companies. In addition, we also have experience in representing land owners, drilling companies, lenders, and operating companies.

Specific areas of experience in the area of oil and gas include:

  • - Master Service Agreements and other Company contracts.
  • - Granting instruments, leases and rights-of-way agreements.
  • - Operating, exploration, and area of mutual interest agreements
  • - Royalty disputes
  • - Purchase and sale agreements; and
  • - Gas sales agreements

Our Energy/Oil and Gas group has significant knowledge and experience, with expertise ranging from power procurement and sales, real estate and land use, business and corporate finance, intellectual property, litigation, government relations and public policy, regulatory matters and tax, including incentives and credits.

Given the legal, commercial, and political complexity of public private partnership (PPP), project participants need comprehensive legal advice from lawyers who have the commercial experience, market knowledge, technical and regulatory experience and project management skills to support them in all aspects of project procurement. Our experience with advising all types of market participants enables us to anticipate issues that may arise during a project’s procurement and to find constructive solutions.

SLP PPP & infrastructure practice team have the experience to provide well tested and centralized project management skills to support their clients’ business objectives. We advise clients on many sectors including the energy, transportation, sports, entertainment, telecommunications, health, accommodation, social housing, emergency services, education and waste management industries.

In handling complex project transactions, we draw on the knowledge and skills of our lawyers in related practice areas. This multidisciplinary, firm-wide approach gives our clients seamless access to focused advice so that they can make the best decisions for their projects and execute these decisions in the most efficient and effective manner.

SLP has the team and experience to offer a full range of litigation services, in trials and on appeals. When matters go up on appeal, we not only have defended our own favourable trial cases in appellate courts, but we have been hired to represent clients after unfavourable trial outcomes by prior counsel. The members of our Litigation and Dispute Resolution group have a wide range of experience in diverse cases.

Our Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice covers the following:

  • - Business transaction litigation.
  • - Intellectual property litigation
  • - Operating, exploration, and area of mutual interest agreements
  • - Entertainment litigation
  • - Labour and employment litigation
  • - Professional liability litigation
  • - Real estate litigation
  • - Matrimonial causes

At SLP, we recognize that not all cases are tried in court, and many business disputes today are mostly resolved through settlement and alternative dispute resolution outside the court room. Our litigators have the specialized skills for successful mediation, which is typically voluntary and is a non-binding proceeding aimed at reaching resolution of disputes.

We do our homework, we make sure that the mediator understands our client’s position and that we advocate vigorously for the best result. Although arbitration is intended to be less formal than court proceedings, it is binding and demands the same skills required for success at trial. Our litigators understand that the evidentiary standards and rules in arbitration differ from those employed in a court trial, and they know how to use those distinct standards to best position our clients’ case.

Our litigators operate on a distinct, three-part philosophy:

  • Dispute Avoidance: A strong litigation team is the best deterrent to costly litigation. Our litigation department members work with our clients to anticipate areas of potential friction and to help develop ways to prevent disputes by careful drafting of foundational and business documents. When disputes are on the horizon, we always strive to plan a step ahead of our client’s opponent to avoid escalation of matters that can be avoided.
  • Prompt settlement where possible: Most disputes settle, and our litigators know that the client facing litigation is best served by exploring early in the process the likely outcome and reaching an agreeable result before legal expenses mount. Honest assessment of likely results and cost is key to true success, which usually means putting the dispute to rest and getting back to business. We speak candidly with our clients to help them make informed settlement decisions in their best interests.
  • Win at Trial: Sometimes in litigation the stakes are too high or the adversary is too stubborn. In such circumstances, the only option is to fight to win. Our battle-tested litigators give our clients the best chance of a successful outcome. Our success extend to victories before the Supreme Court of Nigeria.


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